(Solved) Grub problems after install

First I just want you guys to know I am not a technical Linux user. I am just faking it until I make it, ya know… I’ve tried a dozen ways to fix my install here, spent a good dozen hours on it. Frankly, I’ve had a DOOZY of a time trying to get Parrot OS to work with my Chromebook. I followed the mrchromebook stuff to put Linux on a USB and it’s worked for so many other distros. Never worked right with Parrot though.

Anyway, I came across a utility called Super Grub2 Disk. A quick search will find it for you. I followed the simplest instructions and I fixed my Grub problems. From a layman I pretty much made a live usb of the SBD, booted it up to a Grub bios, forced Parrot to launch, updated Grub stuff in terminal, updated and upgraded disto stuff in terminal, and restarted.

Now I’m using Parrot!! Well, not right now… I’m on the Chrome OS. But I can switch right over to Parrot anytime I want.

You guys are the fucking best. This here distro is sooooooo pretty. I’ve got a few other problems I can’t quite work out but once I do I’ll give whatever kind of advice I can.

im willing to help if u need some advice (=