Solved! Poorly Rendered Windows


After an upgrade a few weeks ago my profile has gone haywire.

Some windows are rendered as an orange mess and some windows render fine. (See attached screenshot). I think it has something to do with mate because all the windows that are affected are mate, but not all mate windows are effected.

It’s only my user account that is effected. If I create a new user, that account is fine.

My graphics card is:
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde XT [Radeon HD 7770/8760 / R7 250X]

Linux parrot 4.16.0-parrot12-amd64 #1 SMP Parrot 4.16.12-1parrot12.1 (2018-05-28) x86_64 GNU/Linux

What method did you use to install Parrot? Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems? No


New evidence: the VMware drop down menus look weird too but not the title bars.

Still having this issue. Does anyone have any reccomendations?

I suppouse you tried changing the theme right?
Only advice would be to restart the service of mate etc… color the windows to match the normal way… which would not fix it… unless only problem is the colors changed in the theme as if you coloured them yourself.

Simply make a new account instead.


So I figured it out.

I went to MATE Tweak and and I changed “Window Manager” from Marco (Compton GPU Composer) to Marco (Adaptive Composer).

I am assuming something changed in my Radeon drivers, that broke the exhisting configuration.