SOLVED Question about system upgrade

hi , i am a new user of parrot system , until now i like it :slight_smile: .

everything seems to run fine ; i am able to upgrade the system ; but when i look closer , i can see there is always a package being kept : tomoyo-tools .
it is possible to upgrade this package through synaptic , but for this synaptic ask me to uninstall parrot-core first .

so what does it mean ? and is it safe to do this or not , i don’t want to break the os !

thx .

hello, if you had done some search before you would have found your answer { FIX TOMOYO} Problem

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i had already seen this post , but was not sure what to do . problem solved now .

thxs .

Hello, I have the same problem.
I saw the topics and I type:
sudo apt install parrot-core
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt autoclean
sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade
and reboot but after reboot i see:
[FAILED] Failed to start Light Display Manager.
See ‘systemctl status lightdm.service’ for details.

Then I type ctrl+Alt+F2, then work as dos. I must login and I type enable lightdm.service but still that ask me user & pass but everytime i put it, that didn’t accept it.

I repeat it continuously but it does not change anything

hi andrea , did you find an issue ? .

if you follow the instructions above , it is ok .

remember this tips : NEVER ever run apt upgrade on a rolling release distribution, it will cause many issues with the first complex upgrade

ALWAYS use apt dist-upgrade or apt full-upgrade instead

Thank you harkanoid, probably this causes the issues. I installed the previous version and I do “sudo apt update” and that you said for upgrade “sudo apt dist-upgrade”

hi, tomoyo-tools does not work as expected and we forced it to stay back or to be removed

my suggestion is to completely remove the package, this is our official solution unless you really need to use tomoyo and you have enough time to write some profiles for it