sometimes it will work sometimes not

Heyya ,
I bought the Lenovo Ideapad 100s a few years ago. Then i installed Parrot Os and it works just great !
The only problem i have : The Keyboard works then it doesnt then it works again than it doesnt same as the trackpad … i cant find the problem …
someone got something for me ? XDD

Does the keyboard and trackpad work in other linux distros properly?

Sounds like a damaged or lose ribbon cable and/or connector. Have you opened it up to take a peek inside? Check the dmesg log and make the sure that the devices aren’t set to freeze when the other is in use, dconf?

yeah in other distros it works .-.

check the log files located in /var/log. There might be a problem with the firmware not loading properly.
(Sorry for late reply)

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