Sony XQD Express Card Adapter no recognised

my QDA-EX1 adapter does not work with my Lenovo P51, i am not able to access the XQD cards data since i am not able to mount the XQD card. Any advice on how to deal with this problem?
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  • 5,0 Electric Ara

  • 5.16.0-12parrot1-amd64

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Can you show us some dmesg output to see how the device is recognized by the system during startup.

This card reader has been a problem for a long time, Guilt members tried to make a Linux driver for it, but that project ran out of steam a few years back. I don’t know of any Linux drivers for it, and it is now discontinued and unsupported by Sony
My thoughts are either run it in a Win7 VM
or if you have the full Windows driver pack, see if it will work in wine

edit …clarified card reader

Thank you. Do you know of any cards which work out of the box? Would like to use the slot instead of fiddling around with cables when out of the house.

What actual memory cards are you using [size and format]

Sony XQD 120 GB 440 MB/s (R+W)

I am not a photographer, so a little searching, I came up with this as the only compact one I could find claiming Linux compatibility

XQD Card Reader, Unitek USB 3.2 Gen1x1 XQD/SD/TF Memory Card Reader Adapter with USB3.0x2 Fast Speed Up to 5Gbps, Compatible with Sony G&M Series XQD and TF/SD/SDHC Cards, for Windows, Mac, Linux

Thank you!