Sound card not detected [Solved]

The sound card is not being detected in parrot OS.

OS version = 4.6
Kernal = 5.1.0
Edition = Security (MATE)
Architecture = x64
Method of installing = Debian Standard
Multiboot = No

I have tried reinstalling pulse audio as well as installing alsa. The sound card is being detected by other linux distros. Any help would be appriciated.

Did you log in as root

Yes but still it isn’t detecting

No don’t log in as root. If you still have this issue while using normal user, please check error log in /var/log/ and show us. Maybe we can find something useful for this issue

Which log file are you talking about? (Sorry for the late reply)

Anything can have pulse audio error log. Try grep command.

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That wasn’t the problem. I installed another distro and checked the log file and the same thing was written but the sound was working.

I solved the problem. The problem was the intel sound firmware wasn’t loading when the system boots. As said by this line

haswell-pcm-audio haswell-pcm-audio: firmware: failed to load intel/IntcPP01.bin

So I got the firmware from here and installed it.
Now the sound works.

For anyone having the same problem first check the dmesg. (For example sudo dmesg.)
Hope this helps to others having the same problem.

That is why i told you check error msg my friend. It is very useful.

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