Spotify and VPN+AnonSurf problem

Hi, i have a problem with spotify? obviously after the spotify-installation it ruined everything? that seemd to work perfect (first) Before the spotify installation?
(i have ParrotSec Home Edition), so first i installed my VPN (mullvad) ok fine, tested internet-speed (250 Mbit), that is my “normal internet speed” i got, now, after that i ran AnonSurf i got (69 Mbit) which is very good speed, in comparion with other system tested (running with Tor in Whonix, i got much lower internet speed), anyway,…so, THEN i installed SPOTIFY, first it complaied about Firewall-error (Auth:15)… so, then i stopped AnonSurf, then Spotify login worked, ok… BUT now first of all i could not run AnonSurf at all?? (no internet-connection)… also, now checking the internet-speed, much slower like 45 Mbit? (with AnonSurf turned off) So, my question is? –Why did the Spotify installation ruin both the internet-speed, and made AnonSurf unable to function?.. and how to fix this problem? :frowning: would be greatful for any help. Thank you

Basically this ain’t an os issue
If you use anonsurf and some apps don’t run, it’s no surprising that they might have blocked tor network.
If your internet speed is low or high, even this is usual
But if you had said your internet doesn’t work without anonsurf then u can fix it with sudo dnstool address (or any address)
Or if internet speed is low while Spotify is not in use then it’s your actual speed
But if low while using then it’s nothing we can do as it’s not an os issue, maybe it consumes data or u might search this about Spotify.

AnonSurf works Alone (at VERY low speed; under 10Mib/s)…But it doesnt work togheter with my VPN (mullvad)… so VPN+AnonSurf does not work,… and this is a serious issue. please how can this be fixed? :confused:

“Basically this ain’t an os issue”

well? my internet-speed dropped from 250Mbs to 40-60 Mbs, and AnonSurf stopped working, so? its definitly “an issue”?.. as i said, after clean install ParrotSec Home Edition and the VPN (mullvad) installation (250Mbit) fine, then after i Rain AnonSurf, fine: 69Mbs… THEN i installed Spotify with the commands:

curl -sS | sudo apt-key add -

echo “deb stable non-free” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install spotify-client

BUT then i tried to log in to Spotify i got the Firewall error (Auth:15), so i turned OFF AnonSurf ok, so i could log in to Spotify Right, then in Tried to Restart AnonSurf, and That didnt work, at all (no internet connection)… Furthermore, now my VPN Speed had dropped from 250Mbs to 40-60Mbs (with no AnonSurf). so, its definitly “an issue”? :confused:

btw, the command “sudo dnstool address”, didnt help or change anything? :confused:

I would be grateful for any help, thanks

it’s not an OS issue because it’s clearly known that spotify is not maintained by Parrot Project.
When it’s something which is not belonging to OS and it’s giving you issues, how’s it an Os issue!?

And yeah, install it from snap, sudo snap install spotify
Don’t add any external repositories to a roiling distribution which might end up breaking your system.

it’s for fixing your dns but not for internet speed, i hope i did say it correctly in my previous msg. It’s when you can’t use internet without using anonsurf. Just as you said…

i don’t say it as it’s not an issue but it’s just nothing related to OS.
As per your messages, if you challenge me so, then i can un protonvpn and use anonsurf, and it will work.
even if it hadn’t work then obviously i would never say it as an OS issue, because it’s not.
But if you find out any bug in the anonsurf, then you’re always welcome to raise an issue and get it fixed, responsible team will fix it.

anyways, as a conclusion, don’t add external repo, install spotify from snap and it works fine for me too! But using a third party vpn is on your own responsibility.

might be your issue is similar to this

Already mentioned:)

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