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hey all,

hope you do not mind, i know it is silly, but since the update i for the life of me cannot find the epic sticky notes that where in previous version and do not remember the name of app to fetch it.

we all know how vital those notes can be :slight_smile: any ideas or suggestions more then welcome.

thank you in advance, oh and let me know if it is not ok to create topics.

(Matt) #2

So adding sticky notes should be simple. Right click on the top panel > add to panel > sticky notes. :ok_hand:

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oh me dear linux god! this is beyond silly of me, brain freeze to blame. You mind if i delete this post? thank you so much for help <3

(Matt) #4

You are welcome to delete it if you wish, but its useful for other people that might forget. Nothing wrong with forgetting things every once in a while.

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #5

There is nothing to same :snake:
Everyone Statted like this
You need to proud on self that you havs ability to ask Question :heavy_check_mark:
Everyone forget sometimes😁 , like me
I forget where is my programes in PC :confounded::roll_eyes:

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@Amzker and @KidKlown thank you both for very warm welcome, this community is truly great. Been using and following ParrotOs for a while now and lurking in forums for info. Now now we are here :slight_smile:

lets keep this joy here then, if you think it might be useful.

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Yes Parrot has the best community ever !!!
Here you will get the answers of all your questions thank you for staying with us

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Thank you for hard work. Much appreciated!

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(dmknght) #9

NO f***kin way. Seriosly i didn’t think Mate has Stickynote by default and i spent days to find 3rd apps. I installed Cinnamon for sticky note ONLY. *** me :frowning: