Stripping SSL

Hi I am not sure this is in the right area but i am looking to work on stripping SSL and calculating my own rainbow tables as well as use ones freely available. I was wondering if there is any particular graphic card that would be recommended for this job. I am total newb and only have just started reading on this. I plan on using Python to strip ssl Certificates now you can get them free why not try and reverse engineer some for free?
What is the usefulness of this? well it could help with MIM encrypted traffic and so forth.

Back to the questions
How many graphic cards can Parrot support and how easy is it to configure multiple graphic cards on Parrot security? any guides and suggestions on this? and any recommended computer power for this?

so i am looking at cracking passwords encrypted and cryptography
thanks in advance Newb wolf

Parrot is based on Debian, and i saw cracking rigs with 4 1080 gtx running Hashcat and John without problems, so i think it’s not about how much cards Parrot support but rather your motherboard.

Most security tools for cracking works out of the box and doesn’t need any setup, you just use the flags in console, or GUI for selecting which devices you want to use (CPU/GPU).

As for the drivers, here are the supported one on Parrot =>

And how to install them =>

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Thank you for this, this is very helpful