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Version: 4.10
Desktop Environment: Mate
Edition: Security

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```Lenovo Ideapad gaming 3i

i5 10300h
GTX 1650
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I just updated parrot os to latest 4.10 from 4.9.
then is rebooted with normal setting in grub.
it showed acpi error then at loading page after where parrot logo appears i was stuck my laptop’s fans started running super fast and mouse light stopped blinking.
Parrot os still runs after i set acpi off. Idk what to do please help if u can.

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Hi and welcome !
you said you upgraded from 4.9 to 4.10, could you tell us how exactly ?

I see that you got an nvidia gpu in there, how did you configured it ? Have you tried booting with acpi=off as kernel parameter ? if not, try it, to do so:

  1. When you see the grub menu, press E
  2. Then look for a line with the word “quiet” and put acpi=off at the end of it

Hello Sir,
My greetings to you
As you asked how I upgraded yesterday I booted parrot os 4.9 it booted normally then it asked if I wanted to check for updates I said yes then it updated took roughly 2 gb of data then after update I restarted it and it was stuck at loading screen.
You asked about my nvidia GPU I followed
this I installed proprietary driver.
And I didn’t install nvidia cuda toolkit.
I didn’t configured anything out of that document.
Yes sir it booted with kernel parameter acpi=off but trackpad, function key etc. Not working.
Do you have any solution how to fix this I can’t access my GPU it shows can’t load GPU driver when acpi is off. Please help.