Stuck at tty1 screen

Last night I put some files to download and today in the morning when I reviewed my downloads, I was said that there was not space in the hard disk. I quit the qbit torrent and tried opening my hard drive but wont open. AAfter that i tried restarting but it wont restart. I pushed the power button and restarted my HP pavilion laptop after which I was prompted to a black screen saying
I tried my root name and password but it says login incorrect and i am now stuck at the screen. I tried login in from other option in grub menu like recovery mode and no graphics but the same screen shows up. I am new at it. Kindly help.

have you tried login as your normal user?
login as normal user not the root
and connect ethernet
and do
sudo parrot-upgrade

I did. But it says login incorrect.


I an now at this screen.

yes now do
sudo parrot-upgrade

but have you cleared space? for the update?