Stuck in the login loop

Whenever bootup parrot os and fill up the password. Screen blinks and comes back to the same login display. Diplay is stuck in the login loop.
Changed password and tried to logged in but failed.
Also tried grub fixes but nothing worked.

Parrot version 4. kde plasma security in dual boot with windows 10.
Installed using bootable USB Debian Standard…

Configured to dual boot with Windows 10.

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likely your .Xauthority file (in home directory of user you are attempting to login) had its ownership changed somehow.

  1. Get yourself to commandline using ctrl+alt+f1

  2. Login

  3. sudo Chown UserNameHere /home/UsernameHere/.Xauthority 

This will change ownership giving you permission to start X windows.

If this doesn’t work let us know.

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I tried this but didn’t work.