Well I preferred the Acvamarin theme Parrot OS ( I think I’m not the only) , so I have a suggestion. What about in the next releases put a Acvamarin theme option on the Appearance Preferences ?
The people who preferred Parrot OS with the Acvamarin theme, like before, could have the option to change the theme according to their preferences.

(DarkLord) #2

I think Parrot Security needs to elaborate the use of its tools because there is no such community or discussion where tools are explained… Parrot has lot more tools than any penTesting Distro but on google the search results always show up for kali linux tools as they have explained it in a great way.

So with further development of the OS this should also be considered to be integral part of it.

i am myself thinking of writing the discriptions and explaining the tools

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #3

EVERY tool in parrot has a development team, a reference website, a community, its official documentation and its usage manual, and a huge amount of tutorials spread all over the web


you don’t need a parrot tutorial on how to use nmap on parrot

all you need is to study how nmap works and use it

(Clean Zombie) #4

I think this sounds like a great idea as I do love the theme, not sure if anyone would be able to port it though>?