Excuse me, I don’t know here is a good place for ask this question or not. I asked it because most of hackers are familiar with IDS/IPS systems.
I want to configure Suricata-ids as an IPS on my CentOS server, but all tutorials that I found used iptables. I want to configure Suricata-ids with Firewalld on CentOS and I’m thankful if anyone share opinion and help.

Thank you.

I’m sure there are better forums about IDS / IPS configurations.

Suricata needs enable IPS mode for blocking attacks. It requires proper hardware and IPS must stay in front of server (please check some basic designs). For IDS only and simple usage, i believe basic configruation with good rule set works fine.
The iptables part is for packet routing, which i think is to make sure all packets will be captured by suricata.

I can’t install the Suricata-ids as IPS on my server? I must have a dedicated server for it?
Yes, I want to block some attacks using it.