Suspicious opened ports after nmap scanning

Hello I scan my IP to find open ports with nmap, I got found some suspicious ports opened.

nmap -Pn -p 1-64000 :

2233/tcp open infocrypt
2234/tcp open directplay
3302/tcp open mcs-fastmail
3366/tcp closed creativepartnr
7717/tcp open unknown
7718/tcp open unknown
7722/tcp open unknown
7878/tcp open owms
9898/tcp open monkeycom

Could anyone tell me more about that’s port and what they do, if there is some viruses?

Thank you.

Could someone try to help me, as I think there maybe some viruses on my system.

Hello. You may see what kind of information goes through each port via netstat, if you think there is a danger of more than one malware, then reinstall everything AFAIK.

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May you please give me an exact netstat command to see what information goes on some specific port?


I don’t use it often, search on Google: windows - Command line for looking at specific port - Stack Overflow

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