Swap partitions and btrfs (in-depth)

Hello there. I’m new to this forum so please be gentle.

I created a ParrotOS persistent USB with 64GB of available space and id like to make a change to the file system post-installation (if possible). Specifically, I want to know how to create a swap partition. The main machine I use with the USB has only 3GB of RAM and its not enough to support more than a few applications at a time.

I’ve researched a lot online and everyone seems to have different advice regarding if it should even be done.

The two most common (albeit vague) reasons not to create a swap on SSD are

creating a swap partition it will “kill” your SSD
btrfs systems doesn’t “require” it

With all that in mind, could somebody shed some light on the specifics of what those two reasons mean? I suppose the answers might be slightly out of the scope of one specific topic, as it would require someone to explain how btrfs works and such, but if someone wouldn’t mind explaining, I would be extremely grateful.

I think These could help you…

I think These could help you…

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