Switching repository


I like Parrot Home because of the ease of installation instead of Debian, however i’m using most of my networking tools from source, which causes conflicts with Parrot’s repository

eg: if i download metasploit omnibus from source, it will add an individual sources.list for it, but since Parrot’s sources.list is in first priority, it will download the metasploit from Parrot which is older and install as a metapackage Nmap and John which are also older and very old versions.

I tried replacing the sources.list with thoses of Debian but i can’t download anything, getting conflicts with packages, so i want to know if it’s possible and if yes, how ?

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

apt install parrot-tools-full -y

(Matt) #3

You should be able to do it using apt pinning


@Amzker Thanks but that’s not what i’m talking about.

@KidKlown Thanks for the link, it’s indeed possible using “/etc/apt/preferences”

(Nico Paul) #5

Try changing synaptics upgrade preference to highest version and then use your downloads to install individually, I dont recommend changing or adding repos


thanks, i did not use synaptic before so i did not knew about that feature, it’s good. you can close this thread(i don’t have the button solution showing up i don’t know why)

(Nico Paul) #7

My favorite thing to do is go parrot exploring so if its able to be found, I like to tbi k I’ve found it at some point! Glad you got all squared away!

(Nico Paul) #8