Telegram don't working


telegram stop working even i uninstall him and install again he don’t working
i got this message
[2019.01.11 08:06:54] Executable path before check: /usr/bin/telegram-desktop

[2019.01.11 08:06:54] Launched version: 1004000, install beta: [FALSE], alpha: 0, debug mode: [FALSE], test dc: [FALSE]

[2019.01.11 08:06:54] Executable dir: /usr/bin/, name: telegram-desktop

[2019.01.11 08:06:54] Initial working dir: /home/usr/

[2019.01.11 08:06:54] Working dir: /home/usr/.local/share/TelegramDesktop/

[2019.01.11 08:06:54] Command line: /usr/bin/telegram-desktop –

[2019.01.11 08:06:54] FATAL: Could not open ‘/home/usr/.local/share/TelegramDesktop/log_startXX.txt’ for writing log!

how i can fix this problem

apt remove --purge telegram-desktop

apt-get install telegram-desktop

This could also be related to firejail.

Джазакаллаху хайран ахи

truth i do update fairjail yesturday lol and i find this problem but i fix it thanks friend for help