Terminal Issues in typing long codes

I run Parrot 4.8 security OS in my virtual box, Once I type a code that is too long it starts writing on top of the texts on the new line i.e Joining line 1 and line 2 together


I also tried install Parrot Security OS on virtual box on two different laptops but the issue still persists I can write on more than one line this issue is driving me nuts

*cant write not (can)

Try customize your terminal profile.

Do you have clue as to what i might do to solve this issue.
please i need this issue to be fixed ASAP parrot OS is my favorite Linux distribution i have ever used.

Please i need help :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

try another terminal mate
there are tons of terminals
st and many more

Command line is only ever entered in one line at a time the line only wraps because the size of the window. If you had a large enough window it would all be one long line that is how terminal (any terminal?) works AFAIK but I’ve never thought about it much

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