Terminal Update - Changed Value

Hi I’m Using Parrot Security 4.6

I just tried to Update the System in The Terminal via sudo apt-get update and something unusual popped up and I’m being asked if I want to change the value in E:

Maybe this is nothing but it looks weird to me so if someone could explain this so I understand why It would change Value like this out of sudden.

Please see Screenshot for details!

Thank’s in advance!

There are topics asked about this in community. Please read (and ask in these topic) before open new topic

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Ok found it, sorry about the double post but that’s how it goes when people don’t name their threads properly. If the topic is about (Updates and Value Changes Via The Terminal) I think that should be in the title. If I look for a recipe for Apple Pie I search for Apple Pie, not Orange Juice.

Anyways I have read the respond there and that answered my question. Thank’s!

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