terminology help

What would a directory that i want to share between two Linux installs on the same HDD, separate partitions be called ? I need to be able to mount just the directory when experimenting with Parrot without mounting entire file system from Kali. Would the path of least resistance be to just create a partition to store files i plan on using in both environments ? Thank you

when i install a system i will splitt the disc into a root partition and a home partition. If the home partition is unencrypted you can simply mount it in the other system with clicking on it with the filebrowser program.
The only thing you have to keep in mind is not to format it when installing the second OS. :wink:

Thank you. I believe what i want to achieve is called a symbolic link, but i think that will still require me to mount the “kali” partition. What i did do, until i figure out which os fits my use best is just created a samba server on a spare pi im not using, copied my projects to a spare drive and now i have access no matter how much i destroy my file systems playing.