I just want to extend a great big “Thanks” to the devs of Parrot OS!!! I find your OS to be the best fit for my needs and very easy to navigate around any issues that I may run into. Keep up the good work!!! You guys are probably the best thing to happen to “security” focused operating systems in a long time. I won’t talk trash about the “other” guys, but you guys definitely got it right. Please keep doing what you love and providing the world with a great, stable, security focused OS that beats the pants off the big boys.

(Abdel Rhman Anter) #2

thanks for you

(I-Apologize) #3

Big Arms wide open thanks to the staff and deviolpers that create this wonder FREE operating system, man thanks!

One more thing, was typing in the Terminal anonsurf <—chit and I didn`t use admin… listen,., it said hey are you “DRUNK” I almost pissed myself laughing, Nice touch, thanks again and again and again ~

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #4

thank you, we really appreciate your feedback


Totally awesome distro!!! I use it since 2 years and i cant imagine work without it!!! There is nothing i dont like( except this update which broke my VMware workstation grrrrr but i was angry, lot of work those days…)
BIG BIG Thanks parrot’s dev!!!

(I-Apologize) #6

TOMTHUMB R U DRUNK?? This script must be run as root
Thats as funny as it gets, if I read this again, I will be drunk , I want more… I love this and I love the hard work,once again, I am U er

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #7

i woukd love to add other similar easter eggs all sround the system. just give us some time to implement them :slight_smile:

(Abdel Rhman Anter) #8

eggs :thinking:


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I want give a big Thanks to the Parrot OS team too. I installed Parrot OS 3 weeks ago.
Everything looks good. The system is running very well. Keep it up.
Thank you!

(Mike Snowhill) #10

Yep - Best distro, best engineering team, best (but small) community forum …Thanks guys and keep up the good work…