The New Parrot Update


I Saw That Parrot Has Launched A New Version Of Parrot.
Is There Any Issues On This New Version? Is It Safe To Update Now Because I’m Using Parrot As Primary System, I Don’t Want To Have A Any Sort Of Problems.

(Matt) #2

Parrot 4.4 has been out for over a week now, i have been using it everyday since and i haven’t had any problems.

Of course i cant guarantee that you wont have any problems, but im sure we can fix them if you do.


I had a problem.


Yeah Actually I’m Using Parrot 4.4. And There’s A New Version Of It And I Don’t If It Has Some Problems Before I Update

(Matt) #5

Do you mean the KDE version then?
Or do you mean you just have packages to update?

Nevertheless i haven’t seen anyone report any ‘blockers’.

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #6

No errors i today updated
Yes but not 100% Sue for your pc
Install It

For solving Errors Admin And Devs Exist
If You Not Give Error Report Admin Never Get Notified👍


I Upgraded And When I Tried To Open The Home Folder From The Menu At The Top Panel I Got I Problem Screenshot%20at%202018-12-06%2016-53-15
And When I Went To The Help File That’s What I Found

(Matt) #8

Thats probably because of firejail. Try opening the help menu by itself, then changing it.


How ?
And Can You Explain What Does Firejail Means?

(Matt) #10

Firejail is sandboxing.

What desktop environment are you using? What is it that doesnt work?

Probably best to create another thread in the support category if you have a problem.


What’s Sandboxing
And What Do You Want Mean By Environement?

(Matt) #12

Google will explain it better than me.

Sandboxing is running a program in a virtual ‘container’ that restricts what executable’s, files, ect that the program has access to. So if the program code is malicious or the program is exploited, it cant do as much damage. That is the basic theory.

Environment, being the desktop. MATE is the default, but Parrot Home edition now supports KDE.


I’m Sorry For The Late I Have Some Exams
Thank You So Much for The Infos
Actually I’m Using Security Edition