Thunderbird Profile Doesn't load

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Parrot GNU/Linux 4.7 - KDE Home and on Mate

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yes computer w w7 and 1 with ubuntu 19.04
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Firejail issue I think
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have to run with firejail --noprofile
The directory ‘/home/karma/.gnupg’ containing your OpenPGP keys is not writable. Please fix the directory permissions or change the location of your GnuPG “home” directory. GnuPG cannot work correctly otherwise.

.gnupg folder user:nobody, group:nobody

firejail --noprofile thunderbird
Warning: an existing sandbox was detected. thunderbird will run without any additional sandboxing features
Warning: an existing sandbox was detected. /usr/bin/thunderbird will run without any additional sandboxing features
Gtk-Message: 10:05:34.696: Failed to load module “appmenu-gtk-module”

Basically if I open Thunderbird the normal way, it doesn’t use the profiles.ini file in .thunderbird home folder. It opens asking to create new accounts.

If I run with firejail --noprofile, it opens and runs with my profile and account settings, but then enigmail can’t reach .gnupg.

This problems occurs in both my laptop and desktop, one with KDE other with Mate.

I did have recent update, and I also did recently switch from firefox-esr, to the newer one in the parrot repo.


OK, so a re-boot fixed this problem, on both machines.

I did reboot after parrot-upgrade, so I don’t know what caused the problem, but I think the issue can be closed.

If it happens again, I’ll udpate.


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Hi. Sorry for lately reply (i am in gmt +7). It is possibly old thunderbird profile has bad logic configurations and upgrade fixed it (reboot helped system use new profiles).