Thunderbird replying to with pics fail

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Parrot 3.11, Thunderbird 52.6 Acer V-5 122p
In thunderbird when replying to emails with embedded pictures, usually company logos, thunderbird hangs. saying
"Sending of the message failed.
There was an error attaching image001.png. Please check that you have access to the file."

even though it opened the photo. Deleting the photo allows send to work.

This does not happen on my desktop, Linux Mint with Thunderbird 52.6. Opening Thunderbird in safe mode does the same thing.

This feels like it has something to do with Parrot OS security that I am not finding support for.

Any Ideas?
Thank you in advance.

What version of Parrot are you running? (include version, edition, and architecture)

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Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes / no)

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Parrot has Claws mail installed by default, not Thunderbird.
Did you try running Thunderbird usind sudo ? Maybe your problems are coming from firejail, because when running Claws mail on parrot from the Applications list, its running sandboxed, while if you downloaded yourself Thunderbird, it does not have the “menuexec” line as Claws does in the menu.

we have full thunderbird support and i personally use it instead of claws

just a question for @olddesertguy
where is the picture located? parrot uses a clever sandboxing system, and sometimes some files are not accessible from some programs like thunderbird because they are located in paths that are not whitelisted

I ended up removing firejail and all my problems dissappeared. I now have access to all my folders in thunderbird and a handful of other glitchy issues evaporated as well.