[Tool Request] Name That Hash

Hey! I built a new tool called Name-that-hash as a replacement to hashID and hash-identifier (we use the same database as them but updated), it has 2 major features:

  • Popularity ratings, NTLM is more popular than Skype Hash so it appears sooner in the list.
  • Descriptions, which help pentesters make informed decisions of what type of hash was used.

But a lot more other interesting features such as:

  • Updated database & maintained
  • Accessible CLI so screenreaders, people with colour-blindness, people who can’t read big blobs of text can all use it.
  • JSON output, file input, 100% extensible (can easily add new hashes, we have a ton of documentation).

Here’s the TL;DR you need to know


We also have a webapp: https://nth.skerritt.blog (but note: React is not our strong point at all)

License: MIT (you can use it 100% with no issues)

Download Zip folder
Install via PyPi pip3 install name-that-hash and usage is nth or name-that-hash.

Authors: Bee <@bee_sec_san Twitter> (Website is made by Fawaz, but this post is for the CLI tool).

Pyproject file: Name-That-Hash/pyproject.toml at main · HashPals/Name-That-Hash (github.com)
Setup.py file Name-That-Hash/setup.py at main · HashPals/Name-That-Hash (github.com)

This tool requires very little resources (the same as HashID or Hash-Identifier). HashID is an extension of hash-identifier, see this as a direct extension of HashID.

I’m very active in the open source community see https://github.com/bee-san and provided I don’t get very ill this tool will seek maintenance hopefully forever :slight_smile:


Since I’m not sure if I can edit my original post, The HashPal’s organisation has 3 members now who are committed to keeping the tool update, so even in the sad event that something happens to me the tool will be okay :slight_smile:

Also, one of the core contributors to the original HashID approves of the fork and submitted a PR to update the license to GPL-3-0-or-later, as this project is based off of HashID (well, only the database of hashes) which uses that license.

Add GPL-3.0-or-later license by bburky · Pull Request #14 · HashPals/Name-That-Hash (github.com)

Thanks for making us all aware of your hashing tool Brandon. I’ll reboot later to try the shorter nth.

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