Tools should be removed from Parrot Sec


(dmknght) #21

Sorry for lately reply but i am creating this file on nest

(dmknght) #22

i’ve created it here but i don’t know how to display it. I am trying to change it with git format. Anyway please don’t forget remove removed-tools in menu :smiley:

(dmknght) #23 here is a video about hexobase. It has some good feature so i think it is better to leave it there. P/s: no mssql supported. Sad!

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #24

uninstalled packages are automatically removed from the menu via a parrot-menu hook


the video is from 2012, and all it can do, hydra and ncrack can too, hexorbase is mostly a GUI that can crack some services, and not fast. i don’t recommend any tools from savio-code, they are old, deprecated(ghost-phisher,hexorbase) and one is not free (fern-wifi-cracker).

thanks palinuro, that’s 250MB less on the system with theses 3 tools removed

(dmknght) #26

It can do query and display table. It is not the best but it has features. fern-wifi-cracker in Parrot is community version and it is free. ghost-phisher, hexorbase, fern-wifi-cracker must be tested carefully to prove themselves.

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #27

Fern need tp be remove

(dmknght) #28

Suggest removing hash-indentifier. We are having hash-identifier and hashid, hashid shows better result, hash-identifier shows wrong result. Must test more

(Matt) #29

Yeah hashid was written to replace hash-identifier in the first place.

(dmknght) #30

hash-identifier hash poor regex and it detects wrong hash format. Gonna add it to the list soon

(dmknght) #31

parrot-meta-* packages are listing all tools. I am going to test, list all useless / unusable tools and create manual for other tools. Hopefully we can create a handbook for Parrot Sec

(Matt) #32

Good luck.

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #33

sandi & sandi-gui should be remove

(dmknght) #34

They are being in the list already