Tools should be removed from Parrot Sec

Hi everyone! I’ve added owasp-zsc, a shellcode generator, owasp-vbscan, cmseek. I also upgraded the code of parsero from version 0.81 (kali is having 0.7x version). I am working with gef (plugins for gdb) and koadic, a C&C tool with HTA attack vector (and some more). I’ve tested koadic and it was really really great: bypassed McAfee Endpoint, Windows Defender. I’ll take a look at Jessica’s tool suggestion. Completed tool is on our gitlab server already and I really hope they can come out in our next release.
I am also working with parrot-menu to improve menu look and feel.

Hey! I built a fork of this tool:

[Tool Request] Name That Hash - Development / Tools & Packages - Parrot Community (

HashID was last updated in 2015, this fork improves all aspects of the tool and is approved by one of their core contributors (who is now working with us on improving this!)

Thank you for your suggestion but unfortunately we can’t do any pentest tool thing for now. We are doing it, yes, but we have to solve maintaining problems before doing it.
We are also working on whole new pentest tool list with new categories

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