TOR and I2P kills interfaces.

Hi everyone. Hope I can get some help.

I am using Parrot-Lite 3.11 and I’m a satisfied costumer indeed. It’s stable, no weird issues but 2 which I will address shortly.
The BEST feature imho is that so many applications are sandboxed which is excellent!

As said 1 issue and 1 question. Issue: Everytime I quit Tor-Browser or shut down the I2P router it kills all internet interfaces. I can restart the interfaces manually but it’s annoying. Is there any way for me to fix it?

QUESTION: HOW can I run Tor-Browser sandboxed? I did it before after installing from Torproject, it was easy to find the “start-tor-browser” in the /bin directory yet in Parrot I can’t find it anywhere and I don’t want to install another package apart from the one that comes with Parrot. Any help here?

Great distro, guys! Awesome.