Tor / AnonSurf is "safe", right..:S

“anonymous” browser Tor is funded by US government agencies…

Asking if something’s safe? It depends on you.

Though anonsurf is maintained by our devs but tor is not maintained under this project
And if you believe that tor is safe then anonsurf is safe. Well still it doesn’t make a lot of sense for this statement.
Please read the documentation by parrot about anonsurf for more clarification- AnonSurf - Parrot Documentation

If you worry about your questionable online activity being linked to you, I suggest using an appropriate distro (Qubes, Tails, Whonix, etc.)

A distro I myself run (as a Virtual Machine guest) is Kodachi, which offers options like DNSEncrypt, VPN, and can completely “torrify” the entire operating system’s network access like Tails does. It also has tools to rate your security. It uses Ubuntu 18.04.6 as its base.

It’s even safer when used from bootable USB (or DVD) as it is then running in volatile memory and everything is lost when the PC is shut down.

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PS: Besides the built-in tools, it has a number of specialized web browsers with various anonymity, privacy and security extensions.

And it comes with bookmarks helpful in verifying you are under the radar.

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You don’t even know what is Tor browser and what is Tor network, do you?

Tor was invented and build by the CIA. That is no secret. They need a secure way to communicate too. If you want to hide from the gov… good luck!

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