Tor Blocked From Website


I wanted to use Tor to download some ebooks of a file sharing site and bypass the free user download limit, so I downloaded my first pdf without any issues, and then used the new identity button in the Tor Browser to use a new circuit and delete all user data and restart Tor, however when I wanted to download the next file it gave an error and said “you have to wait 57 minutes before you can download the next file”, so I closed Tor, waited another couple of minutes, new circuit again, and now it said I needed to wait 54 minutes, so it was definitely about me and not some other Tor user who used the same exit node. Then I waited another 14 minutes again new identity, and now I got “you need to wait 40 mins”, the pdfs came from different sites and were unrelated. Next I tried the same using Tor in Tails, and even then I encountered the same problem, how is this possible even using Tails? (I didn’t do the test with rebooting).

Can anyone provide me with an explanation on why this filesite was still able to recognize it was me even after clearing all data and using another ip?

Thank you,

Unfortunately given the nature of Tor exit nodes being publicly listed (to prevent exit node donators from being blamed for abusive users), websites block them.

You could try hitting ctrl+Shift+L to change exit node without the entire browser restart. If you try a few times, eventually you may get through.

Or try a VPN.