Tor configuration problem

hi guys … i have a tor configuration problem … tor is not installed by default in parrot but the icon in there … tor is censored in my country and the goverment is blocking the website … so i had to download it manually from the site using proxy … the point here that i want to use the tor that comes with the parrot os … i want to install the obfs4 bridge in order to bypass the filter by the ISP … how can i do this ???

another thing is that i downloaded google chome on my parrot os and i know that it is a spyware script so i deleted it using apt-get remove google-chrome-stable`

and apt-get purge google-chrome-stable

and also sudo apt-get autoremove

i mean is this enough … and will be there any installed scripts or cookies that can be used to track me still on my device ??? also does the command (apt-get autoremove) cause any problems ???

i asked 3 questions and i look forward to answer me … thank you so much and i appreciate your efforts

these are some pics for the tor window

Tor should be installed. But if not you can get it from the repo (sudo apt-get install tor).

You can find out how to use obfs4proxy from their git, you have to change your config.

I wouldnt worry about chrome, i think you have done enough.

As long as you install most of your applications through the repo (where possible), autoremove shouldnt cause you any problems. If you are worried about it removing something important, you can use sudo apt-get -s autoremove and it will output what it would remove.

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thank you but you cant understand my problem … in order for me to download tor i need to connnect to tor server but the ISP here prevents conncting to tor site or server … so i cant even download tor …

this is my torrc file and i added the obfs4 bridge but it didnt work either … see these pictures

if you from like egypt you can’t downlod it because tor bloked

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i am not from egypt … but even if it is bloacked i can download it using vpn or proxy … and if the goverment blocks all the vpns and proxy servers then simply i can ask any one of my friends in another countrey to send tor compressed file for me or upload it on mediafire and i download it , there are lots of tricks to bypass this

the point here is that i downloaded tor from tor server and it worked perfectly but i want to use the tor that comes with he parrot linux version … if you opened the menu in the top left corner you will open the apps and then go to internet yo u will find tor and tor config … i wanna open this tor , the one that comes with the linux and i cant do this because i dont know how to configure the obfs4 bridge … but when i download tor from the site i fing the configuration screen and i choose tor is censored in my countrey and then i choose obfs4 … so it works … i hope you understand my point … if you still did not understand tell me and i will try to explainin another way … if you undersood but you dont know how to fix this issue … just let anyone from the experienced parrot developers see this issue … thank you so much for your effort and care … and thanx for parrot team … they are making a really good work

i have other way to downlod just iam useing vpn for linux and i can downlod it easy

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one more thing … when i want to download tor here in my countrey i use proxy site … then i download the file and unzip it and then i open tor and adjust the obfs4 bridge then tor works perfectly … this cant be done in the tor parrot linux version because i dont know how to use proxy and configure it manually in order to install tor … or even how to adjust obfs4 manually …se the four pictures at the top and you will know

you should know if your country bloked tor or not you don’t have to ask friend you will have the same error

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i dont think the goverment can block all the obfs4 bridges … simply i can request one from tor site

gov can be bloked any thing , read more about ssl , proxy , obfs4

may be … but as far as i know tor network is hard for the goverment to track and if you use vpn over tor it will be very difficult and nearly impossible for them to track you … i mean nord vpn

gov can’t track tor but can stop it :wink:

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you are right about this … we have to do our best to protect our privacy … if you know someone who can fix my issue just tell me … thak you so much

You arnt setting up a bridge. Remove the ‘Bridge config’ part, and replace it with ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy

Simply USE ProtonVPN For Linux
And Download tor