"Tor over Tor" When Using Anonsurf + Tor Browser?

Hi, apologies if this isn’t the right area for this question.

Here’s my question:

If one starts Anonsurf and then the Tor Browser, is it correct that this will create a “tor over tor” scenario when using the TBB?

Some links explaining why tor over tor is generally not a good idea:

Any thoughts/info appreciated!

There will be a fix soon.
In the meantime you can do the following:

  • disable TOR Launcher
    click about:addons in the address bar and press enter
    find Tor Launcher and disable it

  • disable socks network DNS
    type about:config in the address bar …
    When the windows opens type network.proxy.socks_remote_dns … Right click on true and toggle to false.

  • last step-- Now we must disable Tor Browser’s proxy settings
    Again on address bar or through settings we must go to Network settings.
    With address bar type about:preferences#general and press Enter. Scroll down to Network Proxy section and click settings. Change the proxy settings by choosing No Proxy.

Then restart TBB and it should be fine

THX to “disrupt_the_flow” for the HowTo

Thanks a ton for the reply. Looking forward to having this as a native feature, but I’ll use your awesome guide for now. :+1:

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