Tor Tools Help

I have a question with the Anon tools parrot offers. When I open the Tor Browser and connect then I open Onion Circuits it says you are not connected to Tor. It does not seem to be working? I am using Parrot Sec Mate 5.10.0-6parrot. Can anyone help me?

Yes same here, you can’t use anonsurf with tor browser together. if you use tor servicce from tor browser you must disable anonsurf.

This is if anonsurf is running

This is if anonsurf is stopping

You can enable the bridge on Tor Browser. Mine works with “meek-azure” with the consequence of a really slow connection.

Actually you can start anonsurf and then set tor browser use Tor proxy of AnonSurf. Normally, Torbrowser will start Tor service in its package. Technically it is the same but with different “command”

Does onioncircuits work on your computer?

Use nyx :slight_smile:

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