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I am an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student college dropout. The longer I was in school, the more it felt like a gigantic waste of time and money, at least where I was going to school.

With the amount of high-quality education online completely for free (alone, not to mention at lower costs to schools and universities), I do not feel the need to purchase a degree today, I’d rather invest my money into my education my own way. I dropped out probably about four years ago now and I have not regretted that decision, not even once. There are times, however, that the “structure” or lack thereof with the way I have been educating myself makes…well…educating myself a little bit more difficult.

A few simple examples for roadblocks I have come across are when I want to learn more about carbon fiber, sports car engine tuning/mapping/ECU/ECM programming, industrial robotics and industrial programming in general, enterprise-level examples of good quality programming or excerpts of code that would be prudent to include in more professional/enterprise/industrial software/firmware, some of the new machine learning concepts (but that is so new it isn’t even in curriculum yet), and last but certainly not least: Security Penetration Testing.

I feel like a lot of the areas I named aren’t really documented or explained particularly well. There is also a clear issue with certain topics such as coding, carbon fiber, and security that tend to be closely guarded trade secrets or extremely proprietary. Many mechanical mechanisms that are patented are relatively easy to reverse-engineer…but with security penetration testing…where do you start??

The whole reason I enrolled in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is all because of my fascination of electricity, its manipulation, and our knowledge and understanding of quantum mechanics/quantum chemistry that allows our species to create such incredibly complex systems and, generally speaking, it appears to be the culmination of a century or more of combined work to get to where we are now and some of the ways things function really isn’t all that difficult or complex (conceptually).

My understanding of electrical engineering, solid-state electronics, and how computers function is indeed growing and stronger than I hope most my age. But where do I learn?

A lot of my education comes from this channel:

This kind of frightens me and I find the exploit this gentleman refers to indescribably fascinating:

I also would like to create my own Head Unit and maybe even ECU/ECM and knowing how its hardware or software could be exploited for malicious purposes is, in my personal opinion, vital to ensure I do not have a false sense of confidence in the security of the system as a whole. This gentleman just seems to be using Ubuntu but with distributions like ParrotOS and BlackArch and how quickly car manufacturers are to throw more and more computer systems into cars, there HAVE to be oversights and some inherent vulnerabilities.

Where does one start learning all about the tools without legitimately Googling and ignorantly clicking on each and everyone to see what it does and to learn about them?

Thank you for your time for those that even entertained this post.

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I created a topic in here few days ago, the title is “Do It Yourself: resources to learn” (something like that, i don’t remember it exactly). It is about my free resources to learn / train / practice. You can check it out.
p/s: all urls in my article are basic.


I just tell you right direction for self study

  1. Learn Language (C , Python , perl, php , Golang )
  2. Start Scripting by own self && make sure yoy done your all work by making scripts , which allows you to get high thinking
  3. Use minimal resources to it’s maximum use
  4. Make Electronics (IoT)

Make busy your self into this for 1 month

I sure you get basic understanding which allows you to further journey

You not need to learn pentest, Your Programming & Thinking skill makes you by it self
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you are search for car or automove hacking or what ??

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