Touchpad not working after latest upgrade

Briefly describe your issue below:

laptop touchpad not working proprly after the latest upgrade which i done in parrot.mouse is not movinf using the touchpad nor rightclick or left click is working .
hoping for community to help as it is very annoyinh to not use touchpad in laptop20200116_022633

This is the error im getting while booting

Yep that’s definately the touchpad malfunctioning but guess what it gives a hint that might fix it. Put that option it mentions in your boot parameters on the line that starts with “linux” from the boot menu screen(grub). You should also try a previous kernel version if the same thing happens and the irqpoll doesn’t fix it then your touchpad needs repair.

can you please deatil sure it the upgrade problem which made malfuntioniting how to put option in boot parameter

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