track pad on Toshiba Laptop

Hi All,

Just installed the latest version of Parrot OS, as my previous post, I got a cheap Toshiba laptop as it wouldn’t load but after installing Parrot, boom boom boom, yeah baby, cooking.

Everything works awesome, even had the laptop hooked up to my guitar amp, smashing some backing tracks out.

Only 1 issue, which all linux systems seem to suffer from is the track pad.

So far I have updated the OS, checked the mouse hardware settings and everything looks as it should. I am not totally new to linux, run Fedora on my desktop for years. But new to linux on laptops.

Any help would be awesome to complete the setup.

I am running the latest version of parrot, using the mate desktop environment, the laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C55, if you need anymore info let me know.



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Please, provide us some logs.

Hi Tissy,

Is it the hardware specs of the laptop you need.



what issue do you have on trackpad?
mine works fine


The trackpad just doesn’t work at all, I’ve been through the hardware settings, and all seems fine but the pad and mouse buttons do not respond, I am using a USB mouse at the moment.

As I say I have run full updates, and checked all settings all seem good.

I did a search and got loads of different things to try, but really don’t want to try random stuff and knacker the system.



Quick update, I just updated the system with apt, sat and watched the whole thing and noticed I am missing some firmware, see a photo I managed to take with my phone, going to do some research over the weekend to add the firmware. I have also installed hard info, a graphical program that lists the hardware on the laptop.

Has anyone got any advise for finding missing firmware modules.



Photo file too big but I will have a crack at it tomorrow

maybe the trackpad is disabled on the settings
have you seen that as well?

That’s the first place I checked dude, I will check out the firmware list later when I get home

Hi All,

I downloaded a program called hard info, shows information on the system hardware, please see a screen shot attached.

I noticed on the last line it says input(0), I wonder if somehow I need to change that to input(1), if I remember in Unix / Linux 0 is off and 1 is on, so perhaps, my track-pad being 0 is actually switched off. Can anyone confirm that for me.

I looked into realtek firmware and that controls the sound, but the sound works fine on my system so I a not going to stress out about the missing firmware. But if anyone can confirm my thoughts above about the track-pad that would be great.



Don’t attempt to change that. input0 in your case is a location where it is connected (as it says in the picture). Not a setting to turn on/off. It is part of the Linux USB subsystem and how it devices like keyboard/mouse communicate with the kernel.

You can configure a touchpad/mouse using synaptics (if driver is working)

synaptics - touchpad input driver

From man synaptics:

Option “TouchpadOff” “integer”
Switch off the touchpad. Valid values are:

          0   Touchpad is enabled
          1   Touchpad is switched off (physical clicks still work)
          2   Only tapping and scrolling is switched off
          When the touchpad is switched off, button events caused by a physical
          button  press  are  still  interpreted.  On a ClickPad, this includes
          software-emulated middle and right buttons as defined by the SoftBut‐
          tonAreas setting.

   Property: "Synaptics Off"

I suggest reading through the entire man page and other related synaptics/touchpad guides.

Your situation sounds like it could be a driver issue. But, we don’t have any logs to go by (as @tissy mentioned: please provide logs related to synaptics/touchpad to give a clearer picture).

See what comes up:

sudo grep 'synaptics' /var/log/*

Hi birdlover,

Thank you for the reply, that’s interesting I could not have got that more wrong if I tried lol, I will sort out those logs next time I’m logged on.

Thanks again, I appreciate the help.


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Bloody hell, because I’m a new user I am only allowed to upload one link in a post.

Well, all I can say is that looking at the log, the touchpad is seen, and the settings look good. There is no reason why it should not be working.

I will save the log as a text file and will read through it all again, make sure I have not missed anything.