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I’ve tried installing parrot os 4.6 through a USB on my Acer laptop but after it is complete I pull out my USB and after reboot it keeps giving me “No bootable device” how can I fix this?

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Hello! Sorry to here about the error. So frustrating when you get through the whole thing and then just crickets when you go to boot. Especially since the system doesn’t really explain what went south after a seemingly smooth install.

Anyways, let’s square away some details since the MIA bootloader can manifest from various scenarios. Lets start with your bootable USB. Even slight discrepencies in the creation of your install media can lead to an unsuccessful install. Couple questions to start and then we can go from there.

  1. What method did you use to create your USB stick, and what OS were you using when you created it? Balena’s Etcher? dd? Something else? Also let us know if your thumb drive is USB 2 or 3 (either will work fine, but I’ve run into issues in scenarios like writing to a USB3 drive then inserting it into a USB2 port for the installation).

  2. Tell us about your installation process and the drive you attempted to install to. Did you use the guided install for an entire disk, or something a little fancier that involved manual disk partitioning? Also add whatever information you can about the disk you were attempting to install to. Is it a new hard drive? Or maybe a used one that had some existing partitions lingering on it.

  3. Are you attempting a duel boot?

Let’s shed some light on those points first so we can either rule out or triage corrupted installation media :slight_smile:

One last question. Did you configure your computer’s BIOS to recognize the new installation? Both setting it to the first boot priority and ensuring Legacy/UEFI compatability.


here you can find all the infos that you need for installing parrotlinux:

YES, maybe you have selected the usb-stick in uefi boot and have selected in bios “legacy boot”!

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