Trying to install rename but 404 Error

So My issue is that when i try to install this package it leaves me with a 404 error and not letting me download it. Ive tried changing mirrors but then it would show up as package rename not found then i go back to the main mirror and the 404 error pops again. Any Solutions? Here is a screenshot.

Try following this. It usually fixes my VMs with the key errors. You will have to sub the key values in your output vice the ones on this post. linux - parrot os update error no public key - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

What do you mean by sub the key values? I’m completely new to this error…

I was too! The output on your screen may have a different key value than shown in the guide. When you run the apt key command just make sure you copy the “tandom” key string directly from your error output and you should be able to use apt update and apt install.