Trying to join Parrot on Matrix - Instant Kick

When attempting to join the Matrix group, I see the following message after being kicked…

Could not join #parrotsec on ‘’: err_needreggednick

A “Freenode IRC Bridge status” group opens instead that reflects the error message above. Is there something else I should do?

Your trying to connect to the IRC channel via a bridge from Matrix, you need to have a registered Nick (username) to do that.

You can just connect to the the Matrix room here

Info on registering a Nick to IRC via Matrix:

I am getting kicked out of a bridged room with the err_needreggednick error

You need to register your username on the bridged IRC network that room (see next section). The name of the appservice account that kicked you can be used to tell which network.

How do I register/identify to NickServ?

Start by opening a direct chat with NickServ. It’s generally @_<network> , though some networks omit the leading _ like freenode: . You can figure out the network prefix from Bridged IRC networks.

Then you can register/identify normally depending on the syntax of your network which you can generally check by saying “help register” or “help identify”.

For example freenode uses the syntaxes:

  • identify [<nickname>] <password>
    • where nickname is optional assuming you are identifying for your current nickname
  • register <password> <email>

In case you would already be registered to NickServ and possibly have IRC client running, instead of register you would use identify <nickname> <password> and then group to group your current nick under your existing account.

And do it automatically?

Again in a direct chat with the appservice user you can use the !storepass <string> command to save a string that is sent as the PASS command to NickServ.

PASS commands are not standardised, and the format is up to the network. For instance, Freenode accepts !storepass nickname:password , whereas others only accept !storepass password . Some just ignore the command.

Also, don’t know how you feel about Telegram, but the telegram chat is more active:

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