trying to reinstall anonsurf

I accidently deleted anonsurf and do not know how to install it back. I have been using linux for very a short time and hope

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Please try sudo apt install anonsurf-cli for cli or anonsurf-gtk for the gtk. Any of these packages will install anonsurf core package.


If you have the computing problem, you should give Whonix a shot in a virtual machine. IMO, much more secure than anonsurf, which has been spotty.

You can also just use the gateway and output to a VM OS so it’s “torrified”.

For the truly paranoid, you can always just boot a new instance of Whonix GW and end up with a new entry/guard node everytime.

Did you go into synaptic package manager and look for it in there? You should have an option in there to completely re install it or to completely remove it :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work please let me know :slight_smile:

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@Daxter94X Thanks for reminding me. Yes, you should use Synaptic Manager. Also make sure you mark “Completely Remove” the file. If using CLI, make sure its sudo apt purge XXXX.

The thing I’ve noticed about anonsurf is its also loosely tied into Tor Browser Launcher. It is possible that there are still some files lingering around that won’t let you completely reinstall.

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You’re welcome buddy! It’s just so much easier using synaptic haha I’m an experienced terminal user and I’d still rather use synaptic lol.

And yes you’re right. I actually had problems with Tor itself it would not load I had to install it from the actual website for it to actually work. And then Anonsurf finally started working for me.

If you have any other issues I’d love to help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the mention!!. And yes completely remove to get rid of all the catch files and what not :slight_smile:

Do you know what is differences of apt and apt-get?

yes i do why?

thank you all guys, i have been away from my pc for couple of days. now im back and will try again and follow your advices thx u all

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You are a stress reliever!!

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