Trying to submit a bug-report, registration still pending..


I love your project. It’s great, and it helps me a lot. However, I tried to submit a bug-report the other day to make it even better. But my registration at is still pending…

I wonder if this because the developers do not want bug-report submitted in the wild, or if I have just been unlucky and caught you on a busy week? (If it was easier to submit bugs, more bugs would be submitted and thus the project would develop further).

Hope to hear from you,

Mm kinda yeah,
And we are sorry for that.
Due to some misusing and other issues new users need approval before they can proceed.

By the way, you can also submit the bugs on our forum (here) or on our telegram community Telegram: Contact @parrotsecgroup

And thanks for your intiative :slight_smile:

Hi. Can you give me the nickname you registered with?
The Parrot community is important to us, so any suggestions (or bug reporting) are welcome. Unfortunately our infrastructure is in an update period, so it is possible that some requests have not yet been accepted.

Can you give me the nickname you registered with?



It is faster if you send an email to