[ Tutorial ] Howto Install Wifi Drivers

One of the most common issues users have is finding/installing the right driver for their wifi cards.

Made this video to help you along (in big part to help users on this forum): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nehj6MJ4-hg

Video Based Checklist (In Order):

  1. Find current card/driver status by running: inxi -N
  2. If inxi reveals your card has Driver: None, you are missing the driver. If so, move to next step.
  3. Run: apt search WiFiCardBrandNameHere and install firmware if related to your brand.
  4. If not found over apt (step #3), search Google/DDG with “Solved” “Parrot”+“Linux” (or search Debian as this may lead to more results) adding your exact card model to the search query. Driver and instructions for install should be found in search results (be sure to use driver compatible with your kernel).
  5. Important: install kernel headers for your kernel before compiling/installing driver source. Then install driver as per instructions.
  6. Use modprobe
  7. Check rfkill list to see if card blocked.
  8. If blocked, issue rfkill unblock per your card.

Wonderful tutorial as always

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Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me, already have neccessary drivers but wont let me enable wifi.spent hours trying to fix it to no avail

Thanks. Hoping it can save some typing. :wink:

@Mrme did you try everything mentioned? What card do you have?

Thank you for your wonderful explanation I have gone through all of your steps and watched the video three times and have identified that i was running older drivers i have updated the drivers and i have installed wl drivers from here wl - Debian Wiki . Unfortunately i still couldn’t put my wireless card in the monitor mode. when i use lspci
*03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)
and when i use in Device-2: Broadcom BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter driver: wl
IF: wlan0 state: up xi -F
Device-2: Broadcom BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter driver: wl
IF: wlan0 state: up
also when i use lsmod
wl 6467584 0
this is what i get why its not being used? any ideas?

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Thank you for the positive feedback. Happy to hear it has helped you find an update. :grinning:

(question answered on the monitor mode thread you created)

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