UDP reverse tunneling

Hi everyone! Long term parrot user here.
I have a problem that I am having a serious hard time figuring out, and I would be very grateful if anyone could provide some help.
I have a VPN server inside a local network behind a firewall that allows only outbound connections.
VPN should always be carried by UDP packets to avoid TCP meltdown issue (TCP over TCP).
My goal it to do a “UDP gender change” and make the VPN UDP port available to an external server where I can forward ports. Doing this by using a TCP tunnel is trivial and easy to accomplish by using tools such as socat, nc or even ssh tunnels. Simple UDP reverse tunnel does not work as UDP is a connectionless protocol. This means that “client client” and “listen listen” configuration will allow data transfer only when client sends a packet first (not this scenario).
Is there any utility that can accomplish this task (by for example making UDP connection oriented by the use of some headers) without using a VPN connection to the external server?
Thank you very much