uget-integrator fr firefox

Hello , I am trying to work uget-integrator for firefox with uget app
On Brave-browser works fine but cant work on firefox. Any sugestions ??

Parrot OS 4.6 x64 MATE

the problem is firejail
you have to edit the profile for firefox or start firefox without sandboxing

/usr/bin/firefox &

Idea is good , the probem is what to add to firejail to work this extension inside firefox with uget app.
What exactly to add in firejail uget profile or firefox profile to make them work.

I still want them to be sandboxed

should be in /etc/firejail/firefox-common.profile


but dont hit me if i am wrong … i am not the firefox/firejail pro! :slight_smile:

Just tried your suggestion. Not worked. This is something between extension on ff and app … some connection type …:frowning:

I am guessing that this is making problems to connect but have no idea how make it to work with sandboxed firefox :frowning:

Still can’t get a way to go connect firejailed firefox plugin with firejailed app

Didn’t find working sugestions.

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