Unable to boot from USB stick

Hello there,
I’ve been trying to install parrot security on my laptop, so I flashed the .iso with Etcher. Everything goes right, but when I restart the PC, the USB stick is not shown in the list. It is not detected as a boot drive . I’m quite sure that the issue is with Etcher, because it does’nt works either with a debian iso, however it works if i flash debian with rufus

Can anyone had this problem ?
How can I solve this ?

Parrot-security-4.3_amd64 ( sha-1 match)

Flashed with balenaEtcher-Portable-1.4.7-x64

Flashed on Windows10

I have a Windows/Debian dual boot but I will erase the debian partition in order to replace it with Parrot

Try a different usb stick. Some manfacturers sticks don’t work.

but it does work with a simple debian, flashed with rufus, so I know that this particular stick is recognised for booting

With debianIs it being detected automaticly when you boot or do you have to hit an f-key to see it.

I have to hit the “Echap” key on my laptop to access the boot devices list

Which OS is on your laptop now. There is another linux program to write to usb stick called GNOME multiWriter.

Hey ! Actually it worked with another USB stick. It’s strange, this USB stick only messed-up with Etcher, but works fine with Rufus or Lili …

Thanks for helping