Unable to boot in LiveUSB


I’m on an Lenovo Yoga 720 laptop running Windows 10 Home and I’ve disabled secure boot. I’m able to boot the USB by going through the Windows 10 recovery option and load up the boot menu. However, once I try to boot into live mode (or the fail safe video modes), all I get is a black box in the middle of the screen with the boot menu still visible around the edges of the black box and it just hangs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

How did made your liveUSB ? Maybe it’s corrupt, try maybe using rufus and write your image in dd mode (if possible):

I used the etcher application, but I will try that.\

Update: Tried it, same result, black box in the middle of the screen.

Do you have another computer to try on ?
Maybe your iso file is corrupt, try downloading it again

The hashes match up, just checked.