Unable to Install KDE-4.6_amd64

What version of Parrot are you running? ----> Parrot-kde-security-4.6_amd64
What method did you use to install Parrot? ----> Debian Standard
Configured to multiboot with other systems?------>yes

Hi All,
I am new member to the community. I am booting Parrot from USB in live OS. (First option - *live)

First Boot -
strangely, when it prompts me to login live os. User type - other, but there is no user name . After reading the document , I given username - user and password- live, it didn’t accept. then I tried “toor” as password, still no luck. My cursor was also freezed. I tried to change from “other” to any other possible value in that drop down if exist but didn’t work. Unable to login.

Second Boot-
When I boot second time , this time it showed me username - live user . I tried password live and toor, but no luck. this time cursor was active. Unable to login.

Third Boot-
I was able to login without login prompt. And window was open to choose country and language. Cursor was freezed. Restart.

Fourth Boot -
Again, I was able to login without login prompt and cursor was active. I found the menu option where it says install OS to hard drive. I clicked it. nothing happened.

All above steps are happening frequently and I am not able to install Parrot OS. My laptop is just 4 years old. I was expecting hassle free installation, but it really giving me hard time. Any help appreciated.

Hi @glinux,

How did you create the live USB? Parrot recommends using Etcher to create the installation media.

I have had issues using dd in the past with Parrot and other distros.

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