Unable transfer from parrot and host OS

I am using the following version of parrot distro on my virtualbox -

Linux parrot 4.17.0-parrot17-amd64 #1 SMP Parrot 4.17.17-1parrot17 (2018-08-27) x86_64 GNU/Linux

I installed parrot os using Debian GTK install method
Now, I am unable to transfer files from my Windows 10 Host OS to Parrot booted Virtual machine even when the Drag n Drop is enabled as bidirectional.

I booted a windows 10 VM and that works just fine, that means that there has to be some issue with ParrotSec not being able to transfer files. Note: I am able to used a shared clipboard for my Host and VM in parrot only as for file transfer, is it causing me trouble

any help to this would be really appreciated

I don’t have a solution for the drag and drop really, but if you set up pure-ftpd on Parrot and Filezilla on Windows you can pop open Filezilla and drop files in that way. Sorry it’s just a workaround.


linux 4.17.17 is not the parrot version, it is just the linux version, and linux is only one of the many components that compose the Parrot OS

please tell us the real parrot version.

and don’t forget to install the virtualbox guest additions into parrot if you want full interaction between the host and the guest systems.

Enable apache service, or install ftp service is okay. Or you can set sharing folder.
Please notice that Virtualbox drag and drop feature is not very good.