uninstall preinstalled software in 4.6

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Was trying to update firefox. The notification in browser got me downloading a tar.gz package. I extracted it (was a windows , jus checking linux) . A power cutoff and my system turns off. once i turn it on, i found firefox shows the tar.gz file missing. compressed the extracted file to tar.gz, tried installing using terminal:

sudo mv firefox /opt/firefox
sudo ln -s /apt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox
file exists

Now, i’m thinking to remove that file , i must uninstall firefox first.
How can i do that?
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parrot 4.6 security

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debian standard

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Hey there!
Try remove firefox on terminal if not yum remove firefox.
Than check directory and kick all rest on directory. Sounds easy!

This is where the APT package manager comes in handy. Parrot OS comes with that particular one by default as opposed to, YUM package manager, which is usually found on .RPM based distribuations such as, Redhat, Fedora, CentOS… etc. The two commands that you are interested in, would be the following:

└──╼ $sudo apt remove firefox


└──╼ $sudo apt purge firefox

What’s the difference? The apt remove command only removes a package’s binaries, while leaving behind residual configuration files. That is where the command, apt purge comes in handy. This command removes not only the binaries, but also the configuration files of the package. The apt purge command can also be used on a package that has already had the apt remove command applied to it, in order to remove any remaining files that got left behind.

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